Štefan Choma

M.Sc. Civil Engineering

Senior Technical Consultant

Štefan Choma

After graduating from the Department of Civil Engineering of the Slovak Technical University (STU) in Bratislava, Štefan Choma started his career as a lecturer at the STU’s Department of Concrete Structures and Bridges. After that, he worked for the Slovak Highway Directorate, then for the Slovak Roads Administration and the National Motorway Company as the head of the bridge department, and later as the head of the tunnel department. He has extensive experience in the planning and design of motorway, road and railway tunnels. He also coordinated and participated in the creation of the Slovak technical regulations for tunnels. He has worked at Basler & Hofmann Slovakia s.r.o. since 2006, where he has been Managing Director and Production Director for 12 years. His advice, knowledge and experience have contributed to the successful completion of complex and demanding transport infrastructure projects. Last but not least, his active participation in the establishment and activities of professional organisations such as the Slovak National Committee of the FIP, the Slovak Road Company and the Slovak Tunnel Association should also be noted.

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