Pavol Olejník

M.Sc. Mining Engineering

Senior Tunnel Design Engineer

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Tunnels and underground structures

Pavol Olejník

Pavol Olejník joined our company in 2008 as an underground construction designer. He graduated from the Department of Mining, Ecology, Management and Geotechnology at the Technical University of Košice with a degree in underground engineering and geotechnics. He is authorised to design constructions for mining operations and is also an authorised construction engineer in the category of civil engineering construction with a focus on tunnels. As a designer responsible for individual constructions, he has participated in projects involving several tunnel structures both in Slovakia and abroad which were components of the modernisation of railway corridors or the construction of motorways and high-speed roads. At present, he is primarily working on various projects in Switzerland, in particular, the reconstruction and modernisation of existing tunnel structures.

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