Our quality of life is closely linked to a functioning infrastructure, comfortable spaces to live in, work and play, all embedded in an intact environment. This is our goal at Basler & Hofmann: we develop pioneering solutions in the areas of construction, mobility, energy, safety and environment. Consulting, planning and engineering.

Expertise at every level

We like complexity. In cases where different disciplines are required, many conditions need to be met or various interests reconciled, this is where we step in: we work across the borders of the specialist areas, keeping our eye on the big picture while also thinking through solutions to the finest detail; we moderate and mediate. Briefly: we bring our expertise to bear at all levels.

A tailor-made team

The client’s project and the requirements involved are the focus of our organisation. for every assignment we put a tailor-made team together with the corresponding competencies. Project management involves coordinating specialists, managing budgets and deadlines and serving as a central point of contact.

Thinking outside the box

Nowadays, only a few questions can be answered by one single specialist. The Basler & Hofmann group has specialists from over 30 disciplines working together. We enjoy approaching a problem from various perspectives and call in our colleagues expertise from other areas as required. This approach enables us to ensure that our solutions are resilient and practical.

All project phases

We work on numerous projects every year. This includes infrastructure projects lasting several years as well as expert evaluations completed in a few days. We supervise projects in all phases, from the first concept ideas through feasibility studies and project planning, to site management. We take on a wide range of mandates, as overall project manager, client supporter or specialist planner within a team.

With head and heart

In our projects, we work with clients, partners and other stakeholders – often very closely and over extended periods. Experience has taught us that good solutions can be found when attention is paid to collaborating on a technical and an interpersonal level. Our obligation is to both the issue at hand and to the people involved – and this is the challenge for our project managers.

Independent family business

Basler & Hofmann is a Swiss, family owned business that belongs to the Basler and Hofmann families. Members of the families serve on the supervisory boards of Familienholding B&H Ltd and its companies, where they maintain the legacy of the company founders. Their objective is to ensure the company’s long-term well-being

A sense of obligation to the company

The two shareholder families have laid out their basic understanding in a family charter, with the greatest importance being attached to the long-term competitiveness of the company and job security. The families see themselves as part of the Basler & Hofmann community with its shared values, where cooperative partnership is playing a central role.

Stable development

Our parent company was founded in 1963, and its history has been shaped by continuous stable growth. For us, this is not an end in itself, but results from our willingness to respond rapidly to demands from our clients and from society, as well as expanding and renewing our competencies on an ongoing basis. As a family owned business, we have the freedom to invest in the future on a long-term basis.

Facts and figures

At a glance

  • Basler & Hofmann Slovakia was founded on 23 April 2005. We have offices in Bratislava and Prievidza.
  • Basler & Hofmann AG, Zurich, our parent company was founded on 1 January 1963.
  • About 44 employees in Slovakia
  • More than 90 percent of our employees in Slovakia have a university degree
  • More than 700 employees throughout the Basler & Hofmann group
  • Offices in Switzerland, Germany, Slovakia, Italy and Singapore


Slovak Association of Consulting Engineers, SACE (www.sace.sk)

Slovak Tunnelling Association, STA (www.sta-ita-aites.sk)

Slovak Road Society, SCS (www.cestnaspol.sk)

Swiss - Slovak Chamber of Commerce, HSSR (www.hssr.sk)

Slovak National Committee fib (www.fib-sk.sk)



Quality management

Our Quality Management System (QMS) is certified according to the standard ISO 9001:2015


Basler & Hofmann Slovakia is a Slovakian subsidiary of a Swiss group of engineering companies. Within the Basler & Hofmann group we work together closely, in particular with our headquarters in Zurich, which allows us to profit from being part of a network of experienced professionals from more than 30 fields. Basler & Hofmann Slovakia is managed by the two directors Valerián Horváth and Eva Šávelová.

The Basler & Hofmann Group belongs to Familienholding B&H Ltd. Each company acts as a legally and economically independent entity.

Executive Board