Concrete carriageways for the Svrčinovec and Poľana tunnels

Project overview

During construction of the new Svrčinovec and Poľana single-tube tunnels on the D3 motorway to the Slovakian–Polish border, a non-reinforced concrete carriageway was installed. The superstructure consists of a 26-centimetre-thick concrete surface, an 18-centimetre-thick layer of hydraulically bonded granulate and a protective layer of gravel. The concrete surface is divided with three-millimetre-wide transverse and longitudinal joints. The joints were cut into the freshly hardened concrete surface. The transverse joints are reinforced with round steel wall plugs, and the longitudinal joints are reinforced with corrugated steel concrete anchors. The carriageway surface was processed before the concrete had hardened to give it a non-slip exposed-aggregate concrete structure.


D3 Svrčinovec–Skalité consortium

Our services

Changes to the construction project, detailed design, plans for the structure built.

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