Retaining wall for the Poľana and Svrčinovec tunnel precuts

Project overview

The Poľana tunnel is part of the D3 motorway that connects Žilina to the border crossing to Poland in northern Slovakia. The two tunnel portals were stabilised with supporting structures made of gabions (cages filled with rocks). For the sections of slope on the sides, gabion gravity retaining walls were used, while the front sides were built as geosynthetic-reinforced supporting structures with gabions on the face. Four-metre-long uniaxial geogrids made of polyester were used for reinforcement. A tie-back anchored retaining wall was built to stabilise the embankment of the cut formed in front of the eastern portal of the Poľana tunnel. It was completed in stages, during which tie-back anchored elements with prestressed strand anchors and reinforced concrete ribs were produced. Cladding made of gabions was used for the infill.

Expertise involved



D3 Svrčinovec–Skalité consortium (Doprastav – STRABAG – VÁHOSTAV-SK – Metrostav)

Our services

Adjustments to the construction project, detailed design, plans for the structure built, instruction manual.

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